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The islands are the perfect surrounding to kick back and relax! Read that book; take that afternoon nap in the shade, enjoy a cocktail on a floaty behind the yacht; this is your vacation to enjoy!


Hop into the turquoise blue water at the back of your yacht an explore the incredible underwater world, teeming with sea life.

Scuba Dive:

Explore the colorful coral reefs of some of the top dive destinations in the world, from the yacht. Most yachts have dive instructors/masters onboard to lead you every step of the way or enjoy rendezvous diving with local specialists.


Enjoy exploring inlets and caves in a kayak or SUP. Show off your skills on the wakeboard, water skis or kneeboards. Screech with laughter tubing in tranquil waters or relax behind the yacht on a floaty. Some yachts offer instruction and equipment for kiteboarding and windsurfing. Some yachts have SeaDoos and SeaBobs for great fun.


Feel the soft sand under your feet while exploring the shoreline.


Trawl a line behind the yacht and enjoy the adventure of catching the big one.


Take in the breathtaking panoramic views of the islands and the colorful ocean by hiking on deserted islands, enjoying the natural surroundings.

Beach bars and nightlife

Enjoy an island cocktail in your bathing suit; dance the night away at a local bar or dine elegantly at an award-winning restaurant.


Take a souvenir home from the quaint local craft shops or island boutique stores.
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